Health Rx Compliance Advantage

  • Unique Solutions

    Unlike other controlled substance compliance consultants, Health Rx Compliance provides compliance solutions and advice that match the realities of the three key areas of controlled substance compliance:

    Governmental Regulatory and Enforcement Agencies Hospital, Medical, Clinical, and Pharmacy Operations Drug Manufacturer and Distributor Corporate Compliance

    In addition, our principal has a Master of Science in Jurisprudence degree from Seton Hall University, so we have a more in-depth legal understanding than the typical controlled substance compliance consultant.

    We can see the complete compliance picture. And we can help you and your staff, sales team, and board members to see it too. More importantly, we can help you to develop a compliance program that meets the needs, realities, drivers, and pressures that exist in your organization.

  • Vast Experience

    We have extensive direct experience in each of the key controlled substance compliance areas.

    Our principal has deep experience in law enforcement and with a government drug enforcement agency. We have years of experience investigating and enforcing controlled substance laws. We understand how government agencies think, how they conduct their regulatory duties, and what they look for when evaluating a company’s compliance program.

    We have experience in practicing in a pharmacy as a licensed pharmacist, so we understand and appreciate how compliance policies and procedures can directly affect the efficiency of pharmacy and clinical operations. We know and understand how compliance policies and procedures will be received by staff. We can design workable processes and draft policies and procedures that meet compliance requirements without unnecessarily disrupting medical operations.

    We have experience developing and running an award winning and state-of-the-art corporate compliance program for a large drug distributor. We know how to develop such programs. We also understand the pressures and challenges that corporate compliance teams face every day. We know how to maintain effective controls against drug diversion, monitor for suspicious orders, and what a distributor must have in its “Know Your Customer” files.

  • Unique Value

    How many other controlled substance consultants have that depth of experience in these three main areas of controlled substance compliance? Zero other consultants. And if your compliance consultant only has experience in one of the three key areas of controlled substance compliance, it is very likely that you will get advice that is one-dimensional.

    For example, if your consultant is an investigator, chances are that consultant may only be able identify issues that revolve around criminal violations and overlook the importance of the controlled substance regulations. The recommendations that consultant gives might satisfy law enforcement, but might not work within the political climate of the corporate world. You will likewise receive incomplete advice if your compliance consultant only has experience in medicine or only has experience within corporate compliance. But we understand the pressures, incentives, concerns, and motives that exist in each sector of the compliance world.

    Health Rx Compliance is able to offer holistic controlled substance compliance solutions that are legally compliant, realistic, and that seamlessly integrate within your entity’s operations.