What We Can Do For You

Pharmacy (Retail, LTCF or Specialty) 

  • Establishing controlled substance Policy and Procedures specific to the client’s practice
  • Pre-registration Inspection 
  • Quarterly or annual Inspection 
  • Conduct controlled substance accountability audits
  • Review security procedures
  • Review pharmacy’s dispensing data to evaluate the risks (identify high risk prescribers)
  • Review client’s controlled substance records to ensure the records are properly documented and filed. 

Narcotic Drug Treatment Program (NDTP)

  • Evaluate NDTP’s policy, and procedures
  • Conduct accountability audits
  • Review security procedures 

Drug Distribution (Wholesalers) 

  • Evaluate and make recommendations of the controlled substance distributors policy and procedures. 
  • Review customers’ due diligence files
  • Review or assist with establishing a Suspicious Order Monitoring (SOM) system and adequately document the flagged order’s follow-up investigation. 
  • Test the vault and the cage’s alarm systems. 
  • Conduct a controlled substance accountability audit
  • Ensure that the distributor is complying with the DEA’s rules and regulations. 
  • Review customers’ data to evaluate high-risk customers
  • Ensure that all the controlled substance records are complete and in proper order. 
  • Conduct on-site visit of high-risk customers


  • Evaluate and make a recommendation 
  • Review and conduct accountability audit of the manufacturing facility
  • Conduct on-site visits of the customer and/or downstream customers 
  • Assist with the company’s SOM program
  • Ensure proper documentation 
  • Assist with import and export policy and procedures 

Additional Services

  • Conduct internal investigation involving controlled substance violations
  • Review Registrant’s governmental agreements to ensure compliance